What Is Engine Remapping

What Is Engine Remapping

In today’s world vehicle’s contain what’s call an Engine Control Unit. These ECU’s are very effective and are a small computer which has the ability to control the engine. Manufacturers of vehicles detune the vehicle engine by setting the ECU to default before they send the vehicle out. This is done by the manufacturers because their vehicles are sold worldwide and all different software settings are needed to account for the different restrictions, climates, and laws, along with the different fuels. Remapping of the vehicle is basically the replacement and modification of the default software on the vehicles ECU.

How Do ECU’s Work?

The vehicle remap modifies and relaces the ECU software’s default which overwrites the existing software with new software which can optimise the cars performance after being programmed. Because the ECU essentially controls how the engine runs, it’s known as vehicle remapping. When the car is remapped, software that’s tuned is plugged into the serial port of your car which overwrites the map with the more enhanced and new version.


When it comes to remapping it’s important to consider whether remapping is the right decision for you. Remapping when it’s not done correctly can cause major problems with the vehicle and can even cause the vehicle’s engine to be damaged. This is why it’s important to always consider the pros and cons of Merced remapping before making the final decision. So are you having Merced remapping done? Does your Mercedes run much better now?


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