Top Factors To Consider When Choosing Natural Stone Tiles

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing Natural Stone Tiles

Do you want to include natural stone tiles within your home? When it comes to purchasing natural stone tiles within your home there are many things that you need to take into consideration first before making the final decision on the type of tile. The following is a guide on the different things to consider when choosing stone tiles.

What To Consider When Buying Stone Tiles

Absorption Rating -With any natural stone tiles they will have some sort of porous properties. This is what the absorption rating measures. With these tiles the higher the absorption the more likely the tile will crack in freezing weather or become stained. The higher the absorption rate the less they will work in outdoor areas.

Friction Coefficient – The friction coefficient measurement is really simple; it determines how slippery the stone will be when walking on it after being wet. The higher the rating the less slippery it will be. This is why homeowners need to look for tiles which offer high coefficient ratings when installing the tiles in wet areas of the home. These tiles are suitable for commercial floors, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Indoor/Outdoor Rating – The indoor/outdoor rating will determine whether the tiles will be suitable for indoor installation or outdoor installation. The tiles should say on the box whether they are suitable for indoor use or outdoor use. It’s important to get the right tiles for the right application otherwise they won’t last.


When choosing your natural stone tiles, it’s important to consider everything to make sure the tile you choose is right for your needs. So did you find the right tile for your application?


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