How To Clean Mirrors The Right Way

How To Clean Mirrors The Right Way

Are your mirrors a little dirty? Need to clean them right? When it comes to cleaning mirrors, it can be hard to remove the grime that can accumulate on them when used in close proximity to sinks and other high traffic areas. Cleaning a mirror doesn’t have to be hard if you know what you’re doing. The following is a guide on how to clean mirrors in a quick and easy manner.

Top Mirror Cleaning Tips

Soap And Water – The first method you can use is the good old fashion soap and water method. Using dishwashing liquid, you can easily scrub any stubborn grime from the mirror which may be hard to remove by normal cleaning methods. Always use warm water and make sure you squeeze any excess water from your cloth to reduce additional mess.

Microfiber Cloth – Microfiber cloths are best to use when it comes to removing dust from the mirror. Microfiber clothes tend to pull dust away from items which help to bring out a nice clean.

Glass Cleaner – Glass cleaner is a great way to remove additional smears on the mirror. Glass cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning glass and with the use of power towel can easily bring out a beautiful shine each and every time.


When you’re looking to clean your Schneider mirrors, it’s important to use the correct method to ensure they stay clean for longer. So which method did you use? Does your mirror look better now?


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