Enjoy your strawberry smoothie all year round

Enjoy your strawberry smoothie all year round

There is nothing more frustrating than really wanting a piece of fruit, only to get to the shop to find they are out of season and not in stock, or worse out of season and really expensive because they have been imported. This is particularly true of strawberries, a classic summer fruit.

What if I was to tell you that you could enjoy a strawberry smoothie all year round, and best yet, it was great value for money? The Love Taste Co have a wide range of smoothies available including strawberry smoothies. They also have fruit teas and frappes. You simply keep the pouches in your freezer until you need them.

The strawberry smoothie pouch can be mixed in a blender with fruit juice, milk or even yoghurt if you require, and in summer you might even want to mix it with a little ice cubes or ice cream. It makes the perfect smoothie with just the right amount of fruit in each portion. Each smoothie can be made up in less than a minute. Who said fast food couldn’t be healthy?

Smoothies are a great way to get added fruit and vegetables in your diet. They are a good way to ensure children are getting all the nutrients they need and for adults they are a quick and easy way of keeping the body fit and healthy. If you are feeling adventurous you could even add a few herbs or spices in, just for a bit of a variety.

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