The full-service marketing agency and the small business

The full-service marketing agency and the small business

Some small businesses believe that they do not need marketing services, but it is just as important for a small business to have a brand as it is for a large company.


For small businesses that believe they do not need a brand, it is important to consider this as ‘reputation’ more than image. Any business, no matter what its size, needs to have a good and strong reputation in order to succeed. Some businesses are able to succeed without making much of an effort with their marketing, but they could also do so much better if they did bring in a full-service marketing agency.


A small business needs to think about the impression that they are trying to convey and then work to make sure that this is managed. In order to do this it is important to give consideration to the USP – unique selling point – as well as the target clientele.


For a small business the same principles of marketing can apply as for a large business. Image can include factors such as a logo and web presence. Simple things can give a more professional finish and this can help to draw in new clients.


Your full-service marketing agency can also work with you on simple things such as how your staff answer your phone. Everything that is said and done creates an impression and these things are all controllable without too much expense.


When you own a business, it has a brand whether you know about it or now. The only question is how strong you want that brand to be.


Choosing a managed print service

Choosing a managed print service

If you are looking to streamline your office and make it more efficient, you might want to consider a managed print service. These can make your office much more efficient and cost effective. But how do you choose one that is right for you?

If you already have office equipment set up, you may need to upgrade to a newer version, so speak to your current provider to get a quote. It may be cheaper to upgrade what you already have than to get a whole new system installed. Your suppliers can come out and do a site survey to ensure that an upgrade is possible without any new infrastructure being required.

If you outsource your print management system this means you will be able to share files much more easily than before. It can therefore help to increase your company’s productivity as it will be running more efficiently.

You also cannot hide from the environmentally friendly aspect of a managed print system. If you want your company to me greener, more eco-friendly then a print management service could be a step in the right direction for you. You will use less energy, less paper and less toner. As well as this being great for the environment it can also save your company a lot of money.

When considering how the managed print system can save your company money you should also remember that it means that there will no longer be any need for in-house I.T. personnel. Larger companies with a whole department dedicated to IT will find this could save thousands each year.




Are pre-packed smoothie ingredients healthy?

Are pre-packed smoothie ingredients healthy?

We are always being sold on the fact that ‘fresh is best’ but is this always the truth? Could it be that pre-packed and frozen fruits and vegetables are just as good as fresh ones? We spend, and waste, a lot of money buying fresh fruits and veg, only to see it go to waste when we don’t get around to eating it all before it over ripens.

So if there was a way to get ingredients that are pre-packed but just as healthy as fresh, you will probably want to jump at the chance. It doesn’t matter if you have a dozen healthy smoothie recipes if the ingredients you are using are not good quality. If your frozen ingredients have already lost a lot of their nutrients before they get into your drink then having a smoothie for any other reason than taste is a waste of time.

The good news is there is a way of getting your cake and eating it too, so to speak. You can have conveniently packaged smoothie ingredients that you can keep in your freezer and use as and when you need, so no matter what healthy smoothie recipes you decide to use, you can whizz up a healthy snack in minutes. freeze their ingredients within 2 hours of it being picked, so whether you chose fruit or vegetable smoothies you know the ingredients still have all of their nutrients making your quick and simple smoothie probably the healthiest thing you can have straight from the freezer.